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Welcome to SODA SOLUTIONS!  Your source for ALL of your BLASTING needs!


What is Soda Blasting? 

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s soda blasting came about through a project to renew the Statue of Liberty.  Soda blasting is a revolutionary process that can remove paint, grease, and neutralize rust without damaging metal, glass or chrome and will not warp the metal.  Soda blasting does not produce heat.  The process of soda blasting uses a pure granular sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) delivered efficiently and effectively through a soda blaster by using a large volume of compressed air.  The surface is then left spot free and ready to paint after a simple neutralization process that takes only minutes.   


SODA SOLUTIONS specializes in soda, a very safe and effective media.  Soda blasting is the best choice among other methods of paint removal because it will not warp, pit or hurt metal, chrome or glass in any way.  It will strip the paint faster than sand blasting alone would.  It leaves the surface of the product clean and ready to go. 


Soda blasting is ideal for paint removal but has a long list of several other uses.  Soda can be used for hard to handle projects such as:  the removal of graffiti, auto restoration, degreasing, neutralizes surface rust, tile/rock, soot, food industry equipment, buildings, bottom of boats, aviation industry, mold remediation and fire restoration and the list goes on.  Soda blasting is now used for jobs that people once thought were impossible to do. 




Soda Solutions
Randy DeVoll